Set language plays all language records

Dear community

I’ve tried to setup a multi-language in different versions. Currently testing on latest updated SNG7.

I’ve setup three languages (Default spanish, english and french). In inbound route I set spanish language and on a IVR, annoucement etc all languages are played one after the other one. I tried too setting a language via Applications → Language with the same effect.

I copy a log to see if it’s usefull to detect the problem or mistake & screencapture of recording:

-- Executing [[email protected]:2] Set("PJSIP/trunkLCR-000021bc", "CHANNEL(language)=es") in new stack
-- Executing [[email protected]:4] NoOp("PJSIP/trunkLCR-000021bc", "Playing announcement ForaHores") in new stack
-- Executing [[email protected]:5] BackGround("PJSIP/trunkLCR-000021bc", "custom/Fora_oficina_sp&custom/Fora_oficina_en&custom/Fora_oficina_fr,nm") in new stack
-- <PJSIP/trunkLCR-000021bc> Playing 'custom/Fora_oficina_sp.alaw' (language 'es')
-- <PJSIP/trunkLCR-000021bc> Playing 'custom/Fora_oficina_en.alaw' (language 'es')

Your recording is setup wrong. You’ve attached all three language file to Spanish. Please read the wiki.

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Hi @tm1000 and @lgaetz

I must be missing something, checked wiki many times. I uploaded each language file on the corresponding language, after doing this i see the recording on all languages and marked grey on the corresponding language.

Spanish (Fora_oficina_sp marked)

English (Fora_oficina_en marked)

French (Fora_oficina_fr marked)

and if I look at the /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/fr/custom for example there are only de French custom recordings, and the same for English and Spanish.

Many thanks for your help!

What you’ve told the system to do is play 4 sound files for each language. What you want to tell the system to do is play two sound files for each language. Delete all the sound files Fore_oficina_*

Then on you local system change the name of all of them to Fore_oficina but put them in separate folders. Upload Fore_oficina (en) first. Now for each of the other languages when they are red click then, then upload the language for that file. In the end when you switch languages you will have two files but none of them will turn red.

HI @tm1000 , thanks, after playing around with uploading same file name different languages it seems to be working… It’s a bit tricky and confusing, I’ve trying different combinations without success until now… Many thanks!

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