Set Language on inboundCall

Hey Guys,

Not shure if I’m right here on this category but I need your help if possible.

So I’m sys-admin at an austrian company where we use freepbx (2.11) on top of an an asterisk (10.12.1). So we talk german in the most of cases. But my boss wants the asterisk to decide automatically on incoming callerid number which language to choose for the IVR. (we have both - english and german soundfiles for this)

So I’m not really shure if this is possible - my searches on google went into hell :frowning:

I would be pleased if you can help me on this.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day :wink:

You need to setup two sets of inbound routes per DID. One for German and one for English. Use the CID field of the inbound route to sort out the callers location.

Don’t forget to add a blank CID route to catch anything your rules don’t apply to.

The reason you failed on Google is you probably searched on how to select language instead of how to use wildcards to match CID in inbound route. FreePBX is a collection of small tools that bold together to make a bigger tool.

Hey SkyKing,

Thanks for reply.

Sounds great, I’ll try it this way :slight_smile: