Set language italian

good morning to all, sorry my Inglese very poor
I downloaded the version 5 disdro FreePBX, but the page administrator, I can not find the language setting

Do you mean (italian) Web GUI language or (italian) Asterisk sounds? or both? I speak italian so, if you need more info, drop me a PM (Private Message) so we can start communicating with our mother tongue.

The “Italian” as Web GUI should be selected with the “Language” pushbutton (higher side, right corner), then you should set “Country Indication Tones” to “Italy” (“Settings” main menu -> “Advanced Settings” submenu) and “It” as the value of “Language” parameter (See under the “Advanced General Settings” of “Settings” menu -> “Asterisk SIP Settings” submenu).

Italian Asterisk sounds need to be manually loaded.

Regards, Davide.

Hello Parnassus I tried to send you a private message.