Set Fax Recipient in Trunk - no email set is message on dashboard Freepbx 13


I’m upgrading from an earlier version of freepbx.
I have enabled faxing in User Manager
I have set a Trunk’s destination to ‘Fax Recipient’ and set it to virtual extension 6999
When I edit extension 6999 there is nowhere to add an email for fax nor to suggest that the default behavior is to answer a fax.

I have set an email in the User Manager for this extension, but is that all i need to do? That doesn’t seem right.

What steps do I need to take to get the trunk to send to the virtual extension and have the fax converted to pdf and sent to a specific email for that extension.

I can’t use Avantfax for this since I can’t get DID routing to work.



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You need to point your inbound route to that fax destination.

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That what I did in “User Details”

In Connectivity >> Inbound Routes. Set Destination: Fax Recipient then select the User.

In the same user under Fax you can set the fax to be either PDF or TIFF.

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