Set disa caller id

I am having trouble setting the caller id on a DISA call. I set the “Caller ID” field to what I want, but it still comes out with the outbound route default caller id for the trunk. Can someone tell me how to set the outbound caller id for the DISA.



I don’t use DISA so I can’t tell you if it works properly as far as setting the CID is concerned but assuming it does I can see more than one reason for your problem:

  • You set your trunk to “Force Trunk CID”.
  • Your VoIP provider force you to use a specific CID.
  • You are using a technology that doesn’t allow you to set the CID (FXO, chan_mobile, etc…).

If your VoIP provider forces you to use a specific CID it might be because they are enforcing you to use a CID they know belong to you or you misconfigured your account with them ( comes to mind for that, if you have an ATA adapter you must provide them with a CID but if you are using a PBX you must blank out that field).

Good luck and have a nice day!


I change the caller id in most of my extensions so the trunk if not forcing it nor is the provider.