Set/Clear CF Unconditional from Command Line or FreePBX Admin Page

Where can I find information about setting CF Unconditional for a specific extension from either the command line or from the FreePBX Admin pages?

I’m not asking how to enable/disable the Find Me/Follow Me settings which are under the edit Extension page. I’m asking if there is a way to enable/disable the forwarding that is activated with *72 and deactivated with *73.

As far as I know you cannot do it over the admin page. But you can give your own user the permissions to edit another users CF settings in the UCP. Edit your user in the User Management and go to UCP > Miscellaneous and add the user you want to edit in Allowed Extension Settings. Then login with your user in the UCP and add the CF widget for the other user to your template.

And you can always run a script from the command line to check the status of an extension and disable it.

@lgaetz has a great one at:


Thank you Chris! That was exactly what I needed.

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