Set CID invalid number

I’m using Set CID to add a “0” to incoming the called ID so I can call the number back using the correct outbound CID. I’m now facing this issue:

When a CID is +xxxxxxxxxx the CID is set to 0+xxxxxxxxxx which I can’t call back.

Is this something I can fix?

See this recent thread about how to clean up inbound CID:

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So I currently have this:


I would like the last 9 numbers of 0+xxxxxxxxxx

I know some PHP functions that make this work using -9 ( Will this work for this plugin to?

If I understand what you’re asking, the nine rightmost digits with a 0 prepended:

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But because Germany is not a country with closed dialing (all numbers are NOT 9 digits long), you probably are better off with 0${CALLERID(num):1} to strip the + when it is there and still be able to call within Germany

I’m not from Germany :slight_smile:

Will try the solution provided.