Set CallerID not setting the callerid for voicemail

I have a voicemail box that needs to be anonymous. I am using the set callerid module to set the number and name to ANONYMOUS and forward the call to the voicemail box of a certain extension. I can see that in my asterisk logs, the callerid is changed, but when the voicemail is emailed, the original phone number and callerid is displayed. Anyone know how to fix this or to remove the VM_CALLERID variable from a select extension?


What level of anonymous? Office-mate anonymous, HR-anonymous, HIPAA anonymous, or NSA anonymous?

The level of anonymity will drive which part of the process drives when the information will be obfuscated or deleted. More context would help us narrow down the options.

Check out Email Config under Voicemail Admin.

HR Anonymous.

I can change the email message in Voicemail Admin, but that will change the message for all extensions. I just want to change ti for one extension.

You may be able to override the default by using VM options under extention settings. Check out I think emailbody may be what you’re looking for.

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There’s nothing, out of the box, that will truly anonymize e-mail so that a group like HR will not see who a call was actually from. There are a couple of approaches.

The first, and most expensive, is to hire Sangoma to write you a “complaint box” app. It could have a survey on the front and a place to record a message on the end. It might even include a voice-masker to hide the identify of the caller. Make it HR anonymous, but not LE anonymous, in case someone uses it to make threats or confesses to a crime.

The second is to create a custom voicemail context that looks like all of the other contexts and sets the email exposed variables to “redacted” values. Once you’ve redacted the variables, you can use a “goto” to drop the e-mail process into the normal flow of the voicemail process.

Thank you necits2015 and cynjut,

necits2015’s approach worked for me and was simple. Just needed to add the emailbody= option to the VM Options under the extension settings.

Be sure to check the headers in the voicemail email as well. If you don’t want them to be able to figure out who your (for example) whistleblowers are, then you want to make sure things like their CID and extension information are masked as well.