Set CallerID Module to meet call flow goal

Hi, seeking some discussion on a call flow goal I’m trying to meet. The goal is to alter the caller id & number for inbound calls to a queue/ring group.

Current Flow
*Inbound call from SIP Trunk
*Inbound call is matched to inbound route by DID, SuperFecta enabled with destination of an IVR
*Inbound caller selects option 1 with destination of Queue 810
*Queued call rings 5 static agents

In this flow, the only time I observe a modification of caller ID is when SuperFecta invokes on the inbound route. My end goal is to modify the caller ID before it reaches the queue. Ideally want to make the caller ID generic, so the agents cannot ignore a problem user based on the caller ID observed.

I would like to discuss the best way to go about this. Is the Set CallerID module the key to the meeting the goal? Where in the call flow is the Caller ID modified to meet the goal?

Thank you in advance

Set it up like this:
*Inbound caller selects option 1 with destination of SetCallerID
*SetCallerID sets the caller ID and routes the call to 810
*Queued call rings 5 static agents.

Thank you for the reply. It makes sense to modify the callerID before passing to queue. I attempted to complete this change to call flow however I’m missing SetCallerID as a destination. The module is up to date, active and visible in the Application menu. Not sure what’s going on there…

Fixed, I deleted all my Set CallerID entries and re added them. Now Set CallerID is part of the destination selection.