"Set CallerID" help (Zap and Dahdi)


First off, I have 3 POTS lines coming in and the majority of my extensions (15) are analog simple phones (dahdi, I believe it’s called).

Anyways, I want to change the inbound caller ID changed on some numbers. I heard you can use Set CallerID to do this.

Looking at the options for Set CallerID, I am having a hard time figuring out what is what:

CallerID Name: ${CALLERID(name)}
CallerID Number: ${CALLERID(num)}

Description, No problem.
CallerID Name: I do not fully understand the syntax here. Can you tell me what goes here? Is it the desired name or the incoming name AND where does it go? Just in the parenthesis?

CallerID Number: Same as above. Is this incoming or the desired number for outbound?

Here is what I am looking for. All of our cell phones from our area come in as Brit. Columbia (as in British Columbia, my province). I do not want to change the number, just the name as it comes in. I have no problems changing each name individually.

Any help? I’ve read the page http://www.freepbx.org/support/documentation/howtos/how-to-change-incoming-callerid and I am still stuck. It’s vague.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hello BC, NS here!

The syntax CALLERID(name) is the name of variable that stores the Caller ID name for the channel. Wrapping the variable name in ${ } means it is using the variable value. Since incoming CNAM is of no value to you, the question arises, what do you want to change the name to? If you want to change the name of every call from “Brit. Columbia” to “B.C.” it is just a simple matter to add “B.C.” to the Caller ID Name field, not particularly useful tho. If you want to actually do Caller ID lookups based on the incoming Caller ID Number, try out the Caller ID Superfecta module.

Thank you for the reply.

Yes, the idea would be to change specific numbers’ caller id name to something familiar. IE: instead of 6041234567 Brit. Columbia, I would have 6041234567 Josh’s Cell

The lookup was the way I was going to go but I cannot get Caller ID Superfecta to work either. Here is what I did:

  1. Installed the module.

  2. Created a Admin and Password for just that module.

  3. Went into Admin> CallerID Lookup and clicked on the Superfetca on the right.

  4. I entered my Username and Password created in step 2.

  5. Went into the Asterisk Phonebook and entered an entry as:
    Name: Josh’s Cell
    Number: 6041234567
    Speed dial code: (blank)
    Set Speed Dial?: (Not checked)

  6. I applied the settings and tested with no luck. I still get Brit. Columbia on the caller id.

If you know of something I am doing wrong, or you have an idea of where I can check for options, please let me know.

I should add…

5.1: Clicked on Other> CID Superfecta and clicked Default in the far right.
5.2: Ensured Asterisk Phonebook, Superfecta Cache, Trunk Provided and Telco Data were enabled.
5.3: Added 6041234567 into the CID Rules
5.4: Entered my U/P as set up in Step 2
5.5: Clicked on Agree and Save. Applied Settings (even rebooted the system)

… tested, no luck.

Ah. I found it.

Ok, so apparently, I missed the part (still cant see it) about needing to turn on a CID look-up source in the Inbound Routes.

Looks like I am rocking and rolling now!