Set caller ID as name on outbound Trunk

Is it possible to set the caller ID for an outbound route “Trunk Twilio” to display a name instead of a caller ID number. Or do I do it via the trunk provider

CallerID name or CallerID number?

I want to to display “Company Name” instead of 480-xxx-xxxx. Not sure if this can be done at this level or the trunk provider “Twilio level”

I presume that Twilio will allow you to set the CallerID(num) but only Twilio can globally set the CallerID(name) as that needs them to reference the Name against the Number so that other carriers that ‘dip’ the name from the calling number from ‘authoritative databases’ when they complete the call, will get what you want.

Thanks! I spoke with twilio and they will add the Caller ID name to the number thanks

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