Set Call Forwarding for other extension with shortcut

actually I test FreePBX distro (14.05.25) together with a Vega 60G analog adapter to get some analog phones running. Works all fine for now with one expection:
I want to achieve to set a call forwarding for a specific extension with a key press on my analog phone attached to the vega (short dial).

Extension to forward: 88
Extension of analog phone: 82
Extension where to forward to: 86

Normally I would do this by dialing *93, followed by the extension to forward, ending with pound, then followed by new destination extension, ending with pound.
But when I dial *93 on my analog phone, no dialog comes up to set my forwarding extension.
On a registered IP-phone Sangoma S405 this works.

But how can I set the call forwarding with one key press? I.e. dialing *93#88#86# without waiting for dialog?
And how do I get the call forwarding running on my analog phone?

I’m not familiar with the Vega details but if you set up its dial plan so *xx is passed to the PBX, dialing *93 should get you audio prompts for extension and forwarding destination.

Ok, thank you first.
I moved the question to general help, didn’t see, that it was in the wrong section.
Ringing and talking on my analog phone connected to the vega is working fine, dialing *60 (get actual time) or *72 (activating call forward, cfu) works too - but when I dial *93, there is no reaction, no prompting, just always get the same ring tone for free line.

Is it possible to dial the whole string for remote forwarding in one without waiting for the prompt, like i.e. *93#88#86# (example doesn’t work)?

Sorry, I’m traveling and don’t have access to test equipment. However, dialing *93 from my SIP app does get the prompt and allows me to set up forwarding.

See whether *93 works from an IP phone, softphone or other device. If not, check that the feature code is enabled in the PBX and not conflicting with others.

If it works from other devices, check the Vega dial plan, and also for any conflicting vertical service code that it may have.

The problem with a single string is that # is usually used to mean end of number, which you may not want to or be able to disable.

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