Set a personnalize call ID for Outbound call


Actually when a phone call someone the call id on the distant phone is an id which use for all the phone …
But i want that a specific phone have another number when it call someone.

So for now: when i call --> distant phone display = 04 01 02 03 04
But i want (just for one phone) --> disant phone display = 05 09 08 07 06

(obviously it is false number :wink: )

Thank you in advance !

  1. You gotta know if your provider allows using this CID.
  2. On the Trunk level, you gotta allow any CID.
  3. In the outbound route you don’t wanna override the CID.
  4. Finally, if all above is ok, then you can add this CID number in the extension “Outbound CID” section.

Yes, thank you it works !

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