Service Provider

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We are having reliability issues with our phone connectivity service provider for our PBX, it has gotten ridiculous. What providers do you recommend? This is causing a lot of problems for our customers.

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

Recommendations will very much depend on what services you are using and at what scale. Assuming you’re in NAPA NANP, SIPStation is the trunking service provided by Sangoma, the commercial sponsor of FreePBX.

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Thank you. Yes, I was not very specific. Posted out of frustration.

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I will be looking at SIP Station, again, thank you


Are you sure? If the trouble is with your ISP or networking gear, a new provider won’t be any better. Also, your PBX or router/firewall may be misconfigured in a way that causes reliability issues.

What trouble(s) are you having (dropped calls, missed calls, poor audio, etc.)? Are both incoming and outgoing affected? How often, e.g. 2% of calls?

For meaningful provider recommendation, tell us about the size of your system (extensions, numbers, simultaneous calls, etc.) and approximate usage. Do you have large variations in calling volume (seasonal, promotions, etc.)?