Service Provider - Out of Business

We recently upgraded our phone system with all Cisco phones, switches and Free PBX server /Elastix hosted on our site. Our contract is with Cisco for 60 months for the hardware part. But the service provider United Telecommunications is out of business / bankrupt. Our system is still working but we don’t know for how long. We are trying to figure out what our options are and if there any other service providers who can take over because to be honest with us having all the hardware / server on site to manage the elastix/free pbx, I am not sure what’s the role of the service provider and what do they manage from the phone system stand point.

If you are one of those customer or have faced similar situation, can you please advise us what we can do so it’s not going to create a impact to our business. Since our current service is still going on its not a big issue but the way its going now, it can go down any minute.

Any help we can get is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

The FreePBX team offers both paid support, support contracts and SIP Trunking service so you can always look at those routes.