Servers down? Unable to connect to the remote mirror servers

Upgrading multiple systems tonight:

Unable to connect to the remote mirror servers

FreePBX is not able to connect to the remote mirror servers. An upgrade can not happen without being able to talk to these servers


Yep they were down. Back up now. No notice. Someone was changing a flux capacitor I guess

They take a nap briefly every Friday. It may have something to do with server load since everybody has their server set to update Friday night. It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea for people to change their updates to a more random time

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yeah they have been going up and down. Time to upgrade these systems LOL

fwconsole setting MODULE_REPO seems to fix this issue… Any idea why?

There are two different servers and both of them go down for the same reason. The newer server is HTTPS and in theory has less systems hitting it since it only became default a version or so ago

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