Serveral caller id's per inbound route?


I have a sip trunk that I use for both private as well as business incoming calls. I would like to handle the private calls different then the business calls. I would like to place all the caller ids from private calls in a list, then all other or unknown caller ids can be handled as business calls.

The only way I see to accomplish this is to define several inbound routes bases on the caller id. However, this way I need to create a different inbound route for every called id of a private contact.

Is there a way to just define two inbound routes and use a list of caller ids for one route, and use a different inbound route for all others?


It would be easier to get a second DID from your Sip provider and route your inbound calls that way.

One thought is to look at using Asteridex from Ward Mundy. You could tag those numbers in the directory as PVT John Smith or whatever and use that as part of your lookup scheme. What distro are you using?

Thanks for the tip about Asteridex. Interesting.
This is freepbx, trixbox v2.2.12, Asterisk 1.2.25-BRIstuffed-0.3.0-PRE-1y-m