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We currently have a running server that has had a few hardware upgrades and has been super reliable over the last 15 years. I need to upgrade it as i want to change from PSTN lines and use SIP accounts.

Current version:
Asterisk ver. 13.0.1

What would be the simplest way of upgrading the the current version and be able to retain the system configuration?
If i export the configuration files can i import them into the current version? The system has call diverts and grouping etc that i have added over the years and it would be quote time consuming adding all the SIP registrations again and setting the complete system up again.

I built this system from scratch over the years and its been quite a journey but its been reliable as hell :slight_smile:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, FreePBX 15 allows you to restore a backup from that version. And that would be the simplest way.

With that being said, it is possible to upgrade to 12 to 13, then to 14 and finally to 15. see the wiki

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Set up a new 15 Distro system and restore a backup from the existing.15 supports legacy restores now, so most (maybe all) your config should be restored, you can test and then do an orderly migration to the new system.

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