Server status not showing properly

I have 2 problems on the Server Status section of the system status.

For the record, I am running TrixBox, FreeBX 2.5.0rc2

1: The Web Server is timing out, then moving to Error status. Nothing has changed in apache that I am aware of at the time this started happening. I do have apache running on a different port, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that is the issue, but, where do I specify what port it should be looking at? The dashoard page (admin/modules/dashboard/page.index.php) seems to think that the Web Server should ALWAYS be running, so the code doesn’t quite make sense to me in that regard. Any thoughts on why this might be happening, or where I should be checking?

2: The SSH Server consistently shows a Warn status. Again, it is on a separate port, which is specified as SSHPORT=xxx in the amportal.conf. I’ve even tried editing the dashboard page and hard-coded it there, but to no avail. is there something else I should do to make this behave?

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide!