Server Specs


Anyone here know anything about general specs of servers for various size installs?

I have to do two Freepbx installations. one for a 5 user site and one for the 20 user site.

The 5 user site does nothing special, just incoming and outgoing calls.

The 20 user site needs to record calls and have one queue. But that’s it.

For the 5 user site I’m thinking of an Atom based USFF pc or an AMD based HP Proliant Micro Server, with 4GB ram and a small chunk of sata disk space.

For the 20 user I’m thinking of an intel dual core (non-i3 or i5) based workstation. Again with 4GB and a larger amount of raided sata disk space.

Any comments on those spec’s?


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Chrome gives me a whopping malware warning when going to that site.

I’ll check back when I’m on someone elses computer :slight_smile:

That’s unfortunate for you.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

The machine specs you have suggested should be totally fine to support that number of users.

As long as you’re not doing much transcoding (try to keep the trunks and endpoints running the same codec e.g. ulaw) the CPU and memory utilisation for asterisk and FPBX is pretty minimal in my experience.