Server Specs for larger rollouts


I have two servers that I just wanted to run past you. Really if anyone has any examples of similar sized set ups then I’d love to know the specs you are using.


120 handsets, but only 20 concurrent calls. No recording required (but may follow or may be something the users can enabled or disable as required on their handsets). No special queuing or IVR.

I’m specing an i3 3Ghz based server with 8GB of ram and a single SATA 6Gbps Enterprise Spec (ES) 500GB HD.


120 softphones with 120 concurrent calls. Recording required as standard. No IVR.

I’m spec’ing Xeon E3 1220 3.1Ghz with 16GB of ram and either twin 500GB SAS 10k drives, twin 500GB SATA 6Gbps ES drives or one 128GB SSD for the OS and one 500GB 7.2k SAS for the call recording data (they can archive it off themselves each month).

Comments very welcome?


I’ve only spec’d one server specifically for Asterisk before, but I’d still like to suggest that ANY “server” have a RAID configuration. I’d hate to see a phone system stop working due to a failed hard drive.

Certainly true and we offer it as an option. We also offer offsite backups to a cold-replacement server so that we can bring it onsite in the event of a failure. Just in case anyone important is reading this and thought we don’t cover ourselves :slight_smile:

Just for your reference generally Asterisk/FPBX is a low CPU usage application. Processing power is required for transcoding, handling analog cards, conferencing (that’s a big one). But for strictly SIP single codec (i.e. ulaw from endpoints to trunk provider) the processing and memory needs are minimal. You can of course go as big as you want, but we’ve had customers similiar to your scenario 1 running off an atom 1.2GHZ system with 4 Gb of ram who have never had issues (utilization is typically < 5%).

So not saying that you should go with minimum specs (YMMV), but if things are setup properly your proposed servers should be far more than capable enough.

And what kind of impact would conferencing have on the server requirements?