Server predials PSTN number then dials the number i dialed

Hi Everyone.
I am new to this site and well, honestly new to the whole freepbx world. I need some help. I think it is easy but who knows if it can be done. I know the Outbound rules and routing etc. This more custom dialing I think. Pls, let me know if you need more information at the end.

Here’s what i like to happen. When I dial a certain area codes, I need it to route out to a pre-determine pstn number Off site and not related to my company.

EX: you dial 1416NXXXXXX it will route through the regular means provisioned in the outbound routes/rules. However, when you dial lets say 1246NXXXXXX (Premium Destination number) then the system will do the following;

  1. pre-dial 14165551212 wait for the other end to answer, enter a pass code/PIN wait for a few seconds then dial the number the client had dialed.

Auto dial 14165551212 => wait for answer =>auto enter PIN => pause => dial the number the client already dialed.

I would like to be automatic so the caller does not have to do all the work, except; enter the number they want to call, Or can I get away with the caller entering a “Application code” Ex: *1234 then that dials a misc dist. number? if i can do it through the “misc destination” can I put the needed pauses in the dialing string? and if so, where can i find the information to get the code for pause? I know through much the telecom service you can use either a , or a p for a pause.