Server Move to New Location, Polycom Endpoints Unreachable

Hello All,

We have a PBXact 400 appliance in place at one of our datacenters on a public facing IP address:
Firmware: 12.7.6-2002-2.sng7
Service Pack:

This server supports a nationwide franchise with two phones at each location, one Polycom VVX410 and one Yealink W60B. These phones are behind a SonicWall SOHO appliance, with LAN > WAN and WAN > LAN rules applied with the server’s FQDN, as well as timeout rules adjusted. We use Twilio as our SIP provider and have had no issues with these remote locations being behind SonicWalls

I attempted to move this server to a different datacenter last night; I changed the domain A record to the new IP (confirmed propagation), changed the IP address on the phone server with correct subnet mask and gateway, and issued a service network restart. The server is connected directly to a public switch.

I was able to access computers at 6 different franchise locations after the move and was able to log into the web GUI using the FQDN from each PC, as well as verify that phones at these locations were resolving to the new server IP address. The issue is, every Yealink phone showed “OK” in sip show peers, but every Polycom was “UNREACHABLE”, even though the IP addresses were identical on both in Asterisk Info (with identical provisioning settings). After hours of troubleshooting I could not find a solution so I moved the server back to its original location and reverted changes … all phones checked in as “OK” as soon as I restarted the network service.

Has anyone run into this issue in the past? I am new to these forums and not sure what other information you need but I am happy to provide anything that will help paint a better picture of my environment.

Thanks in advance for the help.

So the polycom’s are using DNS entries in their configs for the asterisk server? Assuming this, I’m not sure how often the polycom looks up the DNS entry (and get the new IP). Was the TTL on the DNS entry reduced in advance of the change? Even if you did, it could be possible that the polycom does not follow the TTL correctly and so was using the old IP. You could login to the polycom and check the logs.

In any case, did you try restarting the polycom to see if that worked to have it use the new address?

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