Server IP Displayed on incoming calls before caller ID of incoming call - Analog FXO

Have an unusual situation where the IP of the server shows up on the phones caller ID (as phone is ringing) about 2-3 seconds before the caller ID of the incoming caller shows up. Yes, I have searched the forums and Google and all of the previous threads either have no working solution or no responses.

Same setup as I have at about two dozen other locations with the same LEC. Digium 4 Port FXO.

Caller ID lookup sources aren’t being used (open CNAM, etc)

Looking for suggestions of what could be wrong or changed to make this stop.


Caller ID comes in on your FXO between the first and second ring, which should be about 2.5 seconds after the first ring. Because of that, I’m not completely surprised that your phones are displaying the server’s IP address for a few seconds.

We were discussing Yealink (IIRC) phones doing something similar a couple of weeks ago. It’s apparently a “per manufacturer” thing (the default performance of Caller ID in progress) and each manufacturer handles things a little differently.

Hmm. Wonder how to change that? I have the same setup at many locations (including the same Digium D65 phones) that do not behave this way. Wonder if I could delay the start of the ring group ringing somehow?

I’d probably start with a SIP debug and watch for the packets that transmit the caller ID.

If they are Digium phones, well, you’ve come to the right place, I think - Sangoma just bought Digium, so I suspect that your question could be handled in a trouble ticket asking the question. I’d give the forum another couple of days to catch up, especially now that you’ve told us which phone you are using.

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