Server Identity in Email Notifications

I have several different FreePBX systems that all email me and I can never tell which server it is that’s emailing me.
There are several different email notifications that I need to identify but the couple important ones are Fail2Ban, Available Updates and Backups.

For backups I have just been putting the server name in the backup name in FreePBX so that it comes along with but is there somewhere that I can edit the subject and body of those emails?

For available updates it says “Server identified as FreePBX Server” and I have changed the identification name in advanced settings but that wasn’t it, where is that setting at?

Fail2Ban is the most important one, is there somewhere I can edit the subject and body?

For the module updates I found the setting in another thread. (Clicking the shield icon)

For fail2ban I found some general fail2ban posts online that say to edit the strips in /etc/fail2ban/action.d/ but none of those sendmail scripts seem to match exactly the email form that I am getting from the FreePBX distro. Which file should I be editing.

Still no luck on the backups module

Try changing the value of the keyword DASHBOARD_FREEPBX_BRAND in the freepbx_settings table (asterisk db). I think You can’t alter this value via web gui.

UPDATE freepbx_settings SET value='My Brand' WHERE keyword = 'DASHBOARD_FREEPBX_BRAND';

Can’t you tell from the hostname? e.g.,

From: [email protected]
To: addisonb
Subject: FreePBX: New Online Updates Available

In System Admin module you can customize the email settings. One option is to use plus addressing for each box so that box number 1 sends to [email protected]. If your email doesn’t support plus addressing, you could still change the from address to [email protected].

I set that a long time ago but that doesn’t show up in either fail2ban emails or backup emails. It also doesn’t affect the updates emails either but I found the correct place for that one.

Please submit feature requests…( 1 per module) fail2ban would be as sysadmin I believe.

Update emails framework


I did backup

Thanks, I added the one for Fail2Ban.