Server drops all the ports

Hi all
I have a very serious issue with my freepbx server.
From yesterday, it started to be out of reach. once I restart the server, for some seconds I have access to it, and them it seems it’s blocking all the ports.
even http or ssh doesn’t let me to go in but when I use the console, I can see the server is up and running and has access to internet.
When I disable the firewall and then start it again, for some seconds it backs in service and then after a few seconds it shows this message and then I can’t access it anymore:

I have kind of feeling that it’s related to the Intrusion Detection.
Any helps would be highly appreciated in advance.

my best guesstimate is you are being banned…
define an intrusion detection whitelist for your network and a trusted network

if you are up to date on 16… head to the firewall pop out nav bar , select advanced then the advanced settings tab - scroll down and enable the new advanced option for Intrusion Detection Sync Firewall and it will handle both items above with the single trusted network entry

Thanks mate for you comment,
yes it’s up to date and I already did those and added my ip to the whitelist, but still it’s blocking me.
Is there any log that I can see who has been blocked and why?

post your

iptables -L -n

to see the relevant chain that banned an ip/net

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