Server Change Issue, any gotchas to be aware of?

I set up a new freepbx instance at cyberlink, the current server is in-house. I manually ported all the settings into the new server, as in-house server was not on current 14 release.

Friday night, I re-pointed to the new server, but incoming calls did not work (I panicked and did not try outbound calls), is there anything I should be aware of when doing this move from one server to another, other than some setup config issue I may have introduced?

I had tested the new cyberlink freepbx server with a new did, from a new account at flowroute, worked as expected. However, once I pointed the new freepbx to the original flowroute account, and disabled the in-house freepbx, I got inbound call failures, like ‘not a valid number’. I will try again, but just wonder if there is anything I should look for, from your experience?

PS - The DID’s did show as registered once I pointed away from the in-house server to the new cyberlink server. Do you know if there would be any time lag for flowroute to reset itself so inbound calls route correctly, or some other issue I should be aware of?

As soon as I pointed away from the new server, and back to the in-house server, all immediately worked again as expected.

Your SIP settings is probably not setup right.

Logs from a failed call should tell whats up

If your server was in-house and you use ChanSIP you have to enable NAT for all extensions.

The new server is not in-house, and the extensions are is set to NAT yes.

What is the purpose of the MAC address in the extension, just provisioning?

Hmmmm, now incoming calls just go to another extension voice mail (not even VM for this extension) in my test flowroute account, DND is off, and phone is registered. Yikes, I am taking break for rest of day :frowning:

Works now on test system, for some reason. Thanks.

I will hold off my conclusions until I make the switch from in-house to cyberlynk next weekend.

BTW, CyberLynk support is excellent in helping. I highly recommend them for hosting, hands down.

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