Server blocks my cisco IP address

Hi all!
I’m having an strange issue with my cisco FXO/FXS gateway.
In there i got several FXS lines to several phones.

With 2 phones & to lines works great. But when I add the third line it runs for several minutes and then all the dialed calls fail.

If iI ping from the cisco to the server IP:

Type escape sequence to abort.
Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:
Success rate is 0 percent (0/5)

If I detele this thrid extension from the router and from the server never fail.

The server is blacklisting the cisco IP?

My cisco setup is this:

dial-peer voice 6091 pots
description Trunk numero 2
destination-pattern 6091
port 0/0/1
authentication username 6091 password XXXXX

dial-peer voice 6001 pots
description Trunk numero 2
destination-pattern 6001
port 0/1/0
authentication username 6001 password XXXXX

dial-peer voice 6002 pots
description Trunk numero 2
destination-pattern 6002
port 0/1/1
authentication username 6002 password XXXXX

dial-peer voice 9000 voip
destination-pattern …
session protocol sipv2
session target sip-server
session transport udp
dtmf-relay rtp-nte
codec g711ulaw

!Configuracion de la central de telefonia IP
registrar ipv4: expires 300
sip-server ipv4:

Best Regards!!

Is blocked but looks like a bad registration or network fail and then or blocks or some IP net protocols fails:

Endpoint: 1001/1001 Not in use 0 of inf
InAuth: 1001-auth/1001
Aor: 1001 1
Contact: 1001/sip:[email protected]:56339;rinstanc 4687612251 Avail 230.453
Identify: 1001-identify/1001

Endpoint: 1002/1002 Not in use 0 of inf
InAuth: 1002-auth/1002
Aor: 1002 1
Contact: 1002/sip:[email protected]:53059;rinstanc 064f99b6e0 Avail 13.035
Identify: 1002-identify/1002

Endpoint: 6001/6001 Unavailable 0 of inf
InAuth: 6001-auth/6001
Aor: 6001 1
Identify: 6001-identify/6001

Endpoint: 6002/6002 Unavailable 0 of inf
InAuth: 6002-auth/6002
Aor: 6002 1
Identify: 6002-identify/6002

Endpoint: 6190/6190 In use 1 of inf
InAuth: 6190-auth/6190
Aor: 6190 1
Identify: 6190-identify/6190
Channel: PJSIP/6190-00000000/ConfBridge Up 02:18:29

Endpoint: dpma_endpoint Unavailable 0 of inf

Said that is a conference call going on but I shutdown the call from the router but this signaling/situation never arrive to the server

I have other two extensions running Android+Zoiper… they works great in any situation (1001-1002)

I’m a little confused about why this happens.

Best Regards

Whitelist your router ip in the adaptive firewall ?

I perform a full installation and a full setup and now +whitelist network and routers IP never again fails

Best Regards!