Server appliance

Hi guys im looking a for a 1U appliance for our FreePBX System right now is running a Dell Desktop Optiplex but im looking for 1U to put it on a small rack.

Note: i know Sagoma sell appliance but the appliance they sell are to hight on price and the hardware behind a week (poor).

Any suggestion


Save yourself a ton of money and go 2U.

any chassis model in particular?

when you say their appliances are weak, how powerful do you feel that it needs to be? A 30-40 user office would need a dual core with 2-4GB RAM and a 120/240GB SSD. Really anything will work. You can pickup a cheap SuperMicro 1U for $300-400 bucks used.

i think i will get a supermicro. thanks guys

Not disagreeing, but when you are looking at this, check the prices for 1U vs 2U power supplies. You’ll spend $100 (or more) on a 1U PS and half that for a “regular” ATX power supply that will fit in a 2U case. The fan configuration, ambient air flow, CPU requirements, and higher temps in a 1U case all result in shorter life for a higher base priced machine. I’ve got a half dozen 1U cases that I’ve had to gut because of these issues. My 2U implementations haven’t been as prone to failure as the 1U systems.

If you are hell-bent on a 1U system, that’s cool, but walk into it with your eyes open.

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Do you recommend some chassi model. 2U

You can pickup an HP DL360 G7 on eBay with dual NIC’s and dual power supplies, and dual redundant 146gig drives. You cam mirror them up and have a very powerful and fully redundant server for less then $250.00 - Hard to beat if you are needing the redundancy.