"Serius Network Trouble" error constanty, some modules down


We are getting errors again with zulu. We get lots of lines like this in the GUI:

chan_sip.c:4274 __sip_reliable_xmit: Serious Network Trouble; __sip_xmit returns error for pkt data

After a time, zulu, xmmp, ucp and restapps daemons felt down. Help me please to solve this… We have about one hundred of extensions working with zulu.


I got this a lot with Zulu soft phone and Asterisk 11.
Doesn’t happen to me on Asterisk 13

Asterisk 11 is End of life. It hasn’t had any bug fixes for 4 years. As of the 25th there will be no more security fixes.

No one should be running asterisk 11 at this point.

So you’re saying I should probably upgrade from 1.4?

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It’s allready upgraded to 13, but I get “serius network troubles” again and again.

Any idea?