Serious Upgrade Problems

We’re running a fairly old version of FreePBX distro (2.11.63-7) and would like to get it upgraded to the latest release.

Last night i spent about 4 hours fighting thru an upgrade to 3.11.64-7. After the upgrade, Asterisk was segfaulting on startup, which transpired to be an issue with the “cel.conf” file. Eventaully i got everything running and seemed good, so i thaught “job done”.

Not so however. This morning, when users arrived, they found they couldnt log into their queues. Dialling *45 simply said “Agent logged off”. Our queues are normally used in dynamic mode, where users log out and in as and when they are available to take calls. As a quick fix i tried adding everyone as a static queue member, which correctly added the phones to the queue however they still didnt ring. Calls were arriving in the queues and queuing up, but just wernt appearing on the handsets. It transpired that calling any phone in the office directly gave an engaged tone. Dialling out worked fine.

I tried everything i could think of for about an hour before giving up and switching over to our backup server.

Any ideas for what i can try? I really want to get up to the latest version, but the system has to actually work!

Well managed to fix this, by going into the FreePBX interface, selecting each extension and simply clicking “Submit”

Once done for them all it started working.