Serious Problem with FreePBX and Digium DPMA Module

We are running the following versions. Almost all of our phones are Digium so we use their DPMA and the FreePBX module to configure/provision them:

Asterisk 1.8.15-cert1
Digium Phone Module 1.8.11_1.4.0
Digium Firmware Verson 1_3_0_2_54153
FreePBX Digium Phones Config module
Centos 6.3 (Final)

Last week, in trying to solve a problem where we couldn’t control how the phones handle pagin (rign-answer vs intercom etc) Digium asked me to upgrade the phones’ firmware and then upgrade to the lates FreePBX Digium Phones Config module. Firmware ugrade went without a hitch but after updating the FreePBX Digium Phones Config module, everything went haywire.

By “haywire,” I mean that now, any time I hit “Apply Config” in FreePBX–no matter if the change involves the Digium Phones Config module or not–ALL of my phones reboot. And they reboot in a mode that requires me to go to EACH and EVERY phone set and press “Retry.”

If I reconfigure a phone via the Asterisk CLI and the DPMA module; ie “digium_phones reconfigure phone xxxx” THAT phone and ONLY that phone reconfigures itself and comes back up without any need for human intervention.

Digium has instructed me to back up all of our configurations and re-install FreePBX to fix this. I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on what might be causing it before I jump off that cliff. That is a scary cliff and while it might go swimmingly, it also could be chaos.

I see that there is a version upgrade for FreePBX…I wonder if I installed that would I run into configuration problems and might it resolve these issues without doing a complete reinstall?