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OK, well that would be the most preferred way. That allows everyone to see the flow and what each person is doing. I don’t want my own techs working on items outside of my own ticketing system because then I have no idea what the hell they are doing and there’s no method of tracking. I mean the bottom line is most projects/support teams work out of tickets for support/bug issues.

Wait, you didn’t know? They already had one someone held the title of “Community Leader” and it was their job to deal with community facing stuff (Forums/IRC). Was here for years. Didn’t you notice?

OK well the ticketing system isn’t Sangoma. It’s JIRA, the same ticketing system I use. The same one Asterisk uses and the same one many of the large development projects/companies I’ve worked with use. So this one is more a you just don’t like any project that uses JIRA for its ticketing/issues tracking system.

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When they did away with the official “Community Leader” designator, they established a “Leader” tag that they could give to amateurs so that they could communicate with them, and they would in turn communicate with the group. The leader tag gives one slightly more access to Sangoma resources than the average person. Slightly.


cynjut Dave Burgess Leader

Could you elaborate “slightly more” on what this leader tag is about?

Who else has it?

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There are 49 other people that have it.


It says you have extra forum privileges. Curious about the “slightly more access to Sangoma” though.

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I’ve got contact information for some of the Sangoma folks that regular forum users don’t because of some of the projects that I’ve worked on over the years. I like to think it’s also because I only bother them when I absolutely have to. That’s slightly more access.

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Tom, IMOH Jared has a valid point, you just took his post out of context.
He did not ask them to work off of the community, he asked: If you do you tickets, then why not have someone that will create tickets, based on legit issues that are being reported here.

Could be they had someone, I don’t recall seeing such an account, but I’m a new here I guess… Anyway, currently there’s no one AFAIK.

It’s not (only) about JIRA. If a user took the time to report a bug - it can sometimes take for newbies a good 15 minutes to add all the versioning information, logs and what not.
Don’t close this ticket by saying commercial modules need to go through support.
Have a big banner when you click the button to create a new issue, to let them know before…

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No, I did not. My reply to that was rather sarcastic because he said they should hire someone except they already had someone.

Honest answer? Because they have no clue what to put in the ticket. If you can replicate an issue a user posts about on your system and you open the ticket, you’re going to put the information from your tests because that’s what is needed. Other people with no first hand access or knowledge of the issue should not be opening tickets on things they can’t provide.

How many times have they asked for more information on a ticket? Well if I opened the ticket on your behalf, then I’m the one getting the request for more information. In order to get that information, I need to contact you and then get you to get me that information or get you to post it in the ticket. You essentially have a middle person that is running around chasing down users for follow ups and more details.

Hah, funny story. I just had to take a call and it was someone trying to report issues for another user that was having issues at their home office. Except in the 5 minute call they couldn’t tell me a thing about the issue because they weren’t the person having it. See how that relates?

Just keep in mind the person that would be doing this would have to do more than just open tickets on someone’s behalf they would have to do actual full on triage of the issue to make sure that a ticket is even relevant. Again, the ticket system is for features/bugs/development requests. If someone needs support to determine if their issue is actually a bug, then that is a support persons job. Only if a bug is considered to be found should they then open a ticket in the issue tracker.

However, one person’s issue does not equate a bug or something that should involve the developers. This is why there is (or should be) a support level check and support processes to make sure frivolous bug reports are not jamming up the ticket system.


Not sure what the concern is here other than yes, it’s a small amount of work for the end user. 15 minutes? Well, do they want the bug to be fixed, or not? Is it not worth 15 minutes?

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You are missing the next two lines, I was referring to this.

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OK, I got caught up with some work but before we get too out of hand with all this. All this stuff about the community having someone submit tickets, the ticket reporting processes, et al. This is all stuff that has to come later.

Poor ole @mattf has a really big task ahead of him and I have complete faith he’s got the moxy to deal with it. That being said, once things from the backend have been sorted, updated, processes are improved or in place then a lot of this could very well be moot.

– Improved development processes and logic will help solve a lot of bad code/bugs being released into stable versions of modules.

– Improved QA will also help catch the bad code/bugs and/or help improve the UI/UX experience as not only should the QA being testing functionality they need to be testing usability and user experience.

– Improved release schedule so that you’re not updating all the time.

I’m sure there will be others but once the development team has things in place internally then worrying about how to get community input in there can happen. Bottom line is that if the core development team (on any project) can’t communicate or be organized between themselves internally, bringing in an external channel (community) just makes it harder to communicate and be organized.

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My 3 cents;
I look at it as FreePBX started out by itself and now is only ‘part’ of the Sangoma family. Sangoma has a lot on their plate and they are going to prioritize revenue streams imho. Remember at the end of the day, it’s all about the money. Over the years I’ve seen all kinds of companies that have grown very fast only to end up in bankruptcy.

The big question to me is, why did Sangoma let tm1000 (Andrew Nagy) leave. I have no answer to that ever so important question.

In so far as restores go, in honesty (using 13 or 14) have yet to see any issue and I have deleted tons of working systems for one reason or another and restored without any issue (no HA involved). My big issue is the ‘warm backup’. Anyway that’s another issue.

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And you won’t get an answer.
People leave because they want to.
Most of the original Schmooze people that have left this year or last year went on to build a new company, ClearlyIP.


There is also a difficulty in tracking down where a problem lies. I have reported an issue that has turned out to have been solved in FreePBX but still (8 months later) hasn’t made it to PBXact. It can’t be just revenue generation dictating priorities or things like that would not happen. I posted the bug by following the link that was shown, and because it was in the FreePBX portion it got posted there. But since I’m running the paid-support software on branded hardware I can’t get the fix :confused:

Things have gotten sloppy, and it’s getting harder to even figure out which horse is getting backed by Sangoma.

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Just to clarify on this, the issue that you were told that without proper QA testing and validation the module won’t hit PBXact? That would then make the question, why hasn’t PBXact QA tested and validated this release in the last 8 months? Actually, that question is now moot. It was once boosted that FreePBX had 8+ full time developers on it alone along with a full QA team back in 2017. We’ve seen the results of that for the last two years but here’s the thing about that and everything else B.M.F (Before Matt F.) they are gone.

Complaining about anything B.M.F. is pointless because it doesn’t apply anymore. The whole point of this thread to was to get an update on where development was due to pretty much all the core development team and the lead dev. exiting the company. We have that answer and it is a good answer as far as I’m concerned.

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As a licensed user of PBXact, you get free support for bugs. You only need to report the issue in a commercial support ticket, Sangoma identifies the bug and opens any necessary dev tickets. Once fixes are published, there is nothing preventing you from upgrading your PBXact modules to the same versions available to FreePBX. If you haven’t opened a support ticket, open one now. If you already have one, pm me with the ticket number.

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