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Does anyone have a recommendation for a serial terminal server (1 port) for remote access to a PBX console?


I have used an older version of this successfully, price is right

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Thanks. It looks pretty basic. What do you use to connect to it, netcat? Or does it at least support telnet protocol? I would love something with a built in SSH server but now I know I am asking a lot.


I used the console port on the slave , straight through male to female, no dtr csr rts cts just rx tx and ground. The device set up as a TCP Server, On the controlling end I used kermit configured as a vt100 terminal client to that server.


How about a cheapo android tv box ( < $30), a usb to serial cable ( < $10) and termux (free)

You get SSH (and netflix) for about $40 :slight_smile:

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I ended up ordering some AirConsole Minis ( from New Zealand. :smile: I will report back once I have tested one out.

I appreciate the DIY approach too. Thanks for the suggestion.

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