Seperating Tunks by groups of phones for outgoing calls

Uncertain if the title really explained the situation that I rarely come across on new setups.

On one of our older client setups, which is slated for a fresh reinstall, some time next year, has Custom Contexts, which was used to in a drop down of select extensions, to limit the extensions to use specific outbound routes. Either that be specific copper line ports on an FXO, or VOIP trunk.

We’ve setup a new phone server at a multi department client, for the next few months, at the least, they are are entirely on 8 copper lines (small town business). Currently we have them setup with a round robin of all the ports. I’ve found that Custom Contexts is not a thing, unless I’ve been overlooking it somewhere.

I’ve read I would need to set the extensions of the phones into the dial plans of outbound routes. Is there anyway to bulk list extensions for each line? Such as the 11, 10, and 7 digit long dial patterns, if I did each of those for each extension, let’s say 3x10, and repeat for new phones down the road. If it helps any, each department starts with a different number. Such as 1001+ for department A, 2001+ for B, 3001+ for C, and so on.

Once they move over to VOIP, this will no longer be an issue, as the CIDs can be overridden per extension.

This is what the extention routes module is for. Just tick a box per extention to say which route they have permission to use.

I’ve looked into this, and purchased it for testing, currently trying to figure out why the license doesn’t show activated on the Admin Module (the license is linked to the machine’s deployment ID). Suspecting a reboot is needed, which will have to be tonight.

The concern I have is, after reading The free Extension Routes module is installed, but not registered final post, if the department has used all of it’s lines, which one of the departments has only two lines, I’d like it to fail over to the general use lines. Hence the reason I want to use Outbound Routes, where each outbound route will have a different pattern of lines to use. Such as Department B will use it’s two lines first, then use run down the list of the other use lines in order.

I presume Extension Routes would have this, however at this time, I cannot test to confirm. The Guide just shows checkboxes of groups, but I’m not sure if those are names of trunks or outbound routes.

Would you not in that case use a different pattern of trunks within the route? So that route X may use trunk group A then C where as route Z would use trunk B then C?

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For something this simple, you don’t need Extension Routes. Create one Outbound Route for each department. Use the same dial patterns as in your present route, but put 1XXX in the CallerID field for department A, 2XXX for department B, etc.

In each outbound route, order the trunks as suggested by @johnprogers .

Be sure that you have a route for 911 that will always get through, regardless of the extension number.

@johnprogers and @Stewart1

I had suspected this would be the case, however I couldn’t find anything in the CallerID area that it accepted X, N, Z, etc. codes. I will have this set in today. Thank you guys for the help!

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