Separate Inbound and Outbound PSTN calling

Hello all,

I have an OpenVox A800E44 card (analog PSTN, 4FXS/4FXO). At the moment I only have PSTN lines connected to two of the FXO ports on the card. The system is up and running with inbound and outbound routing with no issues. However, I would like to be able to use both lines as outbound but only one line as inbound.

I am using a very old version of Asterisk, version 1.4.x.

If there is no solution, I am willing to do the upgrade to something new but will it do what I am asking?

Here is the scenario again:

  1. Two PSTN lines (say Line1 and Line2) both connected to FXO ports on the OpenVox A800P card
  2. Want only Line1 to be answered by the system (ignore Line2 when ringing)
  3. Want to be able to use both Line1 and Line2 for calling outside

Is this possible at all? If yes, how? Would an upgrade solve this issue?

Thank you!

With current versions of FreePBX you would define a DID for each analog channel, and then create separate inbound routes for each. For the channel you don’t want answered, the inbound route would have a ‘pause before answer’ specified to an arbitrarily high number before terminating the call.

Nice… I suppose installing any suites that use FreePBX (e.g Elastix) would also do the trick?

Is there any way at all to do this with my version? I can supply more information and file contents if necessary.

Thank you!

Elastix is dead. Other distros use dated/forked FreePBX code, you would best be served by installing the FreePBX Distro (imo) provided it will support your legacy TDM card.

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