Sendmail: voicemail to email not working

I am running FreePBX 2.5.1 with CentOS 4.7

I have recently reinstalled and upgraded and emails are not being sent when a voicemail is left. Do I need to put http:// in this field when I set up an extension?

What details do I need to post? How do I access the correct details? (sorry still learning)

I have also installed fail2ban and shorewall but have disabled both and still no mail is sent.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.

First thing is to take a look at your mail service logs. that would be the logs from either sendmail or postfix. and see if it is receiving the e-mails from asterisk to start, if it is then you need to verify that it is handing them off to the proper server for delivery, and if not there will be a reason given normally in a numeric code.

Most common reason for e-mail not being delvered is

  1. no mail server (Not installed, not started, not configured, etc)
  2. no valid reverse records for the mail server when it sends mail on to other servers.
  3. using a invalid domain name and/or invalid from address.
  4. incorrect, improper or invalid DNS setup. Mail will NOT work without a fully functioning DNS system for it to use.

It was mail distiller bouncing back all the messages.

Sorry for not seeing it before posting.

Thankyou for the reply