Sendmail problem with Asterisk server

Can anyone tell me howto set the /etc/hosts file?
Currently I have: PT3 localhost.localdomain localhost PT3

Where PT3 is just my server hostname, and there is no FQDN

as i want to send emails out from this asterisk server like voicemail, fax-in

I have disabled SMART_HOST in the /etc/mail/ as i don’t know the SMTP provider, in other words i don’t have any control for my company’s mail server.:

dnl define(SMART_HOST',’)

What i want is to use sendmail to send emails out.

Anyone can show me his files in /etc/hosts as well as /etc/mail/

Thanks so much


I got my lot of problem with sendmail and freepbx. The only thing I can recommend you is to use postfix

good luck