Sending the user's Accountcode from FreePBX via Custom Trunk

Hello All,

I have successfully integrated FreePBX 2.6.x with A2Billing 1.4 and normal calls are being billed correctly.

However, when the user sets up call forwarding or Follow me it doesn’t work because A2Billing doesn’t get the Accountcode from FreePBX so A2Billing is unable to authenicate the Follow Me leg.

If I manually set the useraccountcode variable as below it works fine

exten => _X.,1,Set(CDR(accountcode)=[useraccountcode]

So how can I send the Accountcode from FreePBX in a custom dialplan?

Thanks in Advance




I’m wondering if you were able to come up with a solution that allows followme calls to go through when routing through A2Billing? I too am struggling with this issue and have not found an easy solution.

guys i wonder if anyone managed to solve it so far?