Sending faxes from Freepbx

I know this question has been asked a million times but I cannot find anything recent about it. Our freepbx has Digium fax driver installed and it can receive faxes over voip but I have not found anything recently that does a good job of sending faxes. I would like the ability to send faxes from the client computer going over voip.

These are the following that I did find out there and was wondering what people thought about it?
1)Avantfax…do you also need to have hylafax installed to make it work?
2)Asterfax…it seemed that has not been updated for a long time…does it still work?
3)Hylafax…is it free?
4)Noojee fax…I am confused about this one because I thought it was Asterfax.
5)Any others that I did not mention?