Sending calls from different extensions to different outgoing routes

How do I set things up so that different registered SIP devices use different outgoing routes?

For example I’d like to have 2 outgoing routes, each provisioned with different trunks. Each would contain the ten digit pattern NXXXXXXXXX. When SIP device A dials a 10 digit number I’d like it to use Outgoing Route 1 but when SIP device B dials the same 10 digit number I’d like it to use Route 2.

I can’t see a way to do this. Is it possible?


How do I route a call to something other than the standard destinations of IVR & Extension?

For example, I’d like one of my extensions to play a recording. When a caller dials the extension (say 101), I’d like them to hear a recording. I’d like the recording to be accessible from the IVR too.

Similarly, I’d like a custom application to be run for some extensions. When a caller dials one of these extensions, a custom application runs.

I can do either of the above by hand editing extensions.conf, but I don’t see a way of dong it w/ the UI.


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This should do it.

How’d I miss that?!!!