Sending a specific CID for specific SIP trunk

I have connected a Cisco CME machine to our main Asterisk PBX with a SIP trunk.
Everything works fine, but I need that calls comming from the Call Manager on that SIP trunk will go out with a specific CID (one of our CID’s).
Currently calls are going with the main PBX CID.
Generally when a call form an extention on the main PBX with CID goes out it sends the CID on USEROUTCID
Goto (macro-outbound-callerid,s,6)
– Executing [[email protected]:6] Set(“SIP/123-0000085c”, “USEROUTCID=8811223344”)

When the call arrives from the Call Manager, allthough I cahnged the CID of the extention it does not passes to USEROUTCID when it arrives on the SIP Trunk

How can I pass the CID on the SIP Trunk ?