Sendfax sending multipule faxes

FreePBX 14/Asterisk 13

We have a custom dialplan that ends with a exten=>s,n,FaxSend…

It works, it sends the fax, but we have noticed that one of our receiving fax machines that is also connected to the same Asterisk server via Grandstream ATA will receive the fax up to 9 times, back to back (as soon as the fax call is over, there is a new fax call) even though it was only triggered once in the dialplan.

I notice on the FreePBX wiki it mentions nine attempts on busy or no answer, so I think what might be happening is that even though the fax is received Asterisk is missing that bit of information so it resends.

My question, is there a way to resolve this so it will only attempt to send the fax once, regardless of success or failure?

You did not post your custom dial plan, no one is going to guess how you process faxing and say whats wrong just by guessing…

Literally, I am just using FaxSend. just the one line:

exten => faxthis,1,SendFAX(/path/to/fax/file,d)

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