Send to Winunciator -error

system : FreePBX 13.0.167 with all the current updates
CID Superfecta -

I had Superfecta option Send to Winunicator working for several years and now since one of the update it has stopped working.
in CallerID Superfecta option Send to Winunciator option setup it will generate following error and stay in loading. window.

I have already tried uninstall and install CID Superfecta module but same error.
not sure if anything to do with Opencnam being paid service now which I don’t have,

I would appreciate any help

thanks in advance


Try using Growl instead of Winunciator.

I tried Growl and still don’t get any notification -
so I tried email and No notification either.

seems like more than I thought - CID Superfecta was reinstall when I was trying to fix.

any idea ?

thanks again

some progress - what I found is that in CID Superfecta options
My Send to Winunciator was above the email option and when I turned that off or move to bottom of the list I will get the email. seems like error will stop rest of the process. I will try with Growl.