Send pause on PSTN line via ATA

I have a Cisco SPA3000 ATA, and it is hooked to my campus’ PBX, which requires 0_Pause_Number to be dialed out the PBX. How can I send a pause while dialing a number through the analog telephone adapter ?

By setting the “dialplan” (other names are used), in the adapter, to insert the pause at the right place. That’s definitely the best way. At the Asterisk level, you can use the D option on Dial, but the adapter will need to falsely indicate answer at the point where secondary dialtone would be heard. I don’t know to what extent the GUI makes D easy to use.

Unless the campus PBX is so old as to be electromechanical, it likely doesn’t require a pause after the initial zero, even if the second dial tone is delayed. You can test this with an analog phone connected to the line, dialing the first digit of the external number very quickly after the initial zero. If the call goes through, the trouble calling from FreePBX is probably unrelated to the pause.

If a pause is needed, although AFAIK the SPA doesn’t have such a function, you may be able to fake it by dialing e.g. DTMF ‘a’, hoping that the campus PBX is not listening for 1633 Hz so will ignore the a. Try setting Dial Plan 3 to (<0:0aaaaaa>xx.|[1-9]x.) and setting VoIP User 1 DP to 3.

Otherwise, you can do it in Asterisk as @david55 said.

I increased PSTN Dial Digit Len from 0.2/0.2 to 0.3/0.2 so that it waits adequately after sending out each 0. Probably not the technically correct method but works for me now.

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