Send notify working over remote desktop connection, but not locally

I have asked this before, but no response. Asking again: can anyone explain why a pjsip send notify command will work over a vpn or remote desktop connection, but not on a local computer??
I have FreePBX set up on a chromebox as my working set up (which works perfectly in all other respects) and I have it set up (with the same back-up restored, and both up to date) on an old laptop as the backup in case the chromebox fails one day. The situation as described happens on the chromebox, but not on the laptop.

I can’t see any other differences between the 2 instances. The chromebox (the production system) is running FreePBX Asterisk 13.32.0 I’d have to check the laptop for versions.

What does “not work” mean? What happens? You’d need to show logs and explain further. The CLI command will send a SIP NOTIFY request to what it is told, it doesn’t know what external/local/etc means.

Yes, that’s fair comment. Sorry for vagueness. The CLI shows that the SIP NOTIFY request has been sent to the specified endpoints, but the endpoints (Yealink extensions) do not appear to receive the message. The weird part is that if I send the request from an RDP the phones do receive the request and reboot.
I don’t have a log to show that at present.

What does “send the request from an RDP” mean? An RDP to where? To what? Is it being sent from the same FreePBX in both cases? Are they going to the same IP address and port?

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