Send incoming calls to Voicmail

Is there any way using Freepbx and our Cisco 7960 phones that I can send incoming calls to voicemail.

I am not talking about setting up DND before they call but as a call is coming in and lets say I am in a meeting and don’t want to listen to it ring our default 20 Seconds before it goes to VM. Is there a way I can setup a button on the phone to push that is basically a DND that will work as the call is ringing?

Thanks for your help as always…

Moe the Newbie.
(Out of all the Open Source products we use… I love FreePBX the best)

take a look at the features. there is a DND option already built in. should be feature code *78 and *79, you might need to enable them first.

Yup *78 and *79 work fine. Which is how we turn on DND. I was wondering if there was a way that you can set something like that while the call is coming in… Kind of like an Ignore button on your cell phone when you get a call. I know with Cisco Call Manger and Meridian you have that option.
(Which is really a button on your phone that is DND but once pressed will immediately send calls to Voice mail.

You need to learn to program the Cisco phone. It is totaly possible. I’ve not used or re-programmed a Cisco 7960 in over a year now, but did at one time have it setup that way.

The big issue with Cisco is they want you to only use call Manager with there phones so don’t provide documentation on how to do it for anything else. But if you google around you can easly find it. I did over a year ago.

moethegreat- This is over 5 years old, but I have recently been looking for the same thing. We have a few employees that would like to add an ignore soft button and one of them said they had it before on a cisco phone (but didn’t know if it was a call manager system or sip). Where you ever able to resolve this?