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Forgive the newbie question… I have no background in telecoms and zero experience with VIOP systems but have been asked by my company to set something up for them to replace the antiquated phone system in the office. I would love to get a professional in to do this but being in the events industry, there is no money for that until Covid-19 goes away. So…

I have installed FreePBX on a virtual machine at home for the purposes of testing. Set up a trial account with GoTrunk. Bought an old Digium D40.

I have it set up now and can make and receive calls successfully, got voice mail working etc. and have also set up a couple of softphones on other computers locally at home to test.

My question is, is there a way for all the extensions to ring for an incoming call? Obviously, adding another inbound route with a destination for another extension tells me that a route for this DID already exists.

So far, the best I can do is edit the Extension that the inbound route send the calls to and add the other extensions into the Follow-Me list with 0 rings. It kind of works but is that the best way to achieve this?

I can also set up IVR and direct calls that way but that is not how the company wants it to be, currently all the phones in the office ring for incoming calls and someone picks up.

I suppose eventually what they may want to do is to have a couple of options where the caller gets the choice of pressing 1 for the admin office (somewhere else off site) or the main office where all the phones there should ring but I can worry about that later.

Again, sorry if this is obvious but past a week ago I didn’t even know what SIP was… probably still don’t.

You want a Ring Group

Thank you, I had a look at ring groups before and read over the docs again now. I can’t see a way to have incoming calls routed to a ring group. I can pick up a handset locally and dial the ring group number and have all the extensions ring.

How can I have the incoming calls sent direct to a ring group? It is not a destination option in the inbound routes.

If the Ring Groups module is installed, it will show as a destination on an inbound route:

Thank you again, it was there. I was just having one of those senior moments… I hadn’t scrolled down in the list or realised that that there were more options and you could scroll down.

All working now and thanks again for replying.

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