Send inbound calls through announcement

We have a number of DID’s and want to be able to send each DID through the announcement “Call Will Be Recorded” prior to being sent the the proper destination.

Is there a way to send all calls through this announcement, or do we need an inbound route for each DID to the announcement, then follow the routing for that DID?

There’s 40 or so numbers to deal with so trying to save a little work if possible.

Thanks all.

I don’t remember the exact macro but there is an Inbound piece of code that can be set up to play an Announcement to all callers without resorting to dial-plan for each individual number - maybe someone has a better memory than me and can pop-off with the exact link and where to put it, but it is an option.

I will post back if my memory get’s better.

Here is a partial way to do it grab an incoming call, but not exactly what you were looking for - you would have to adapt the solution.

Thanks Greg, that’s what I am looking to do - hopefully it comes back to you :slight_smile:

I would write a simple inbound context that just answers, plays the message and send it on to the context you are now using.

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