Send Faxes without the commercial Fax-Pro-Module

I am using FreePBX 13 with Asterisk 11 and i want to set it up in our company. So, is there any way to send faxes without the commercial Fax-Pro-Module?

Incoming faxes are working perfectly at the moment (just with an extenstion as a fax recipient and a inbound-route which goes to that extension to send incoming faxes as a PDF to the specified e-mailadress).

Theres not a big problem to purchase the fax-pro-module - but did you know any other way to send faxes out of FreePBX / Asterisk? Iam not really familiar with the Asterisk-CLI, i’am new in the Voip, and specially in the FreePBX / Asterisk enviroment.

There is a application called “AsterFax” - but i really think that this is way out of date to use it with a newer version of Asterisk. What do you think about it?

Thank’s for any help at this point.

So is FreePBX 13 and Asterisk 11.

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Haha - yes, thats right …
Its just a test-enviroment at the moment. In a few weeks i want to set up the newest Asterisk and FreePBX-Version.

I already set it up one time, but the newest version just gave me the option for automatic install, and in this case i got a huge trouble to set up the static ip adress. FreePBX lost the adress on every restart and in most cases, the adress dont even keep up in the eth0 interface… i absolutely dont know what the problem was / is …

on FreePBX 13 i got the opportunity to set up the main steps (timezone, ip adress, language etc.) in the pre-install-menu. The same menu occurs in the newest FreePBX version but i can’t take the steps manually rather than the Setup install’s FreePBX automatically and i cant set up the static ip-adress.

IIRC, you can send faxes without the FAX Pro module. All the module provides is management stuff for the management of the FAX service. It seems to me that UCP (in a version from this decade) handles your individual users’ sending and receiving of FAXes. I could be wrong, of course, since I’m not really up-to-date on the more recent FAX module.

Thanks for the respond!
I know that the module just provides a lot of manageble stuff for the UCP and FAX-service for each individual user.

So, you say that there’s a way so send faxes without the module. How did you set it up that it works without it?

You are. As far as I know, there is not (yet) third party UCP support for outbound faxing without the FAX Pro module.


Thats also the information i found in a couple of hours in the vastness of the internet.
But i really want to be sure that there is no other way, which is not too difficult to implement it without the fax-pro-module.

You can install Fax server along FreePBX or as a stand alone application.

It depends on your skills. If you can afford the FAXPro Module, I think it will provide smooth integration with FreePBX and a good user experience for you (and your staff). PLUS, you can get the support for the commercial Module from Sangoma.

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AvantFax is a frontend for hylafax,.

Avantfax although not maintained for many years works fine on all versions of Asterisk/freePBX.

You can probably get hylafax or hylafax+ from your os repos, you will need t38modems or (lesser choice but easier ) iaxmodems from the normal sources.

Hylafax has been around since tin cans and string and there are recipes around for email2fax , fax2email is built into AvantFax.

(It is a little ironic, but if you have an old fashioned fax-modem and a landline, your success rate will likely improve over iaxmodems and you won’t need asterisk or freepbx)

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